What is it?

Waste to Cash is Masias Recycling’s method of designing customised solutions for optimal and profitable waste management. At Masias Recycling, we call the solutions implemented via the Waste to Cash method Black Boxes.

There are as many Black Boxes as there are solutions needed by our clients. Resitejo (Portugal) is our first Black Box: a solution customised using the Waste to Cash method.

Who is it for?

For anyone who wants to receive high profits at waste treatment plants all over the world, taking into consideration the specific nature of the waste that each country generates, and the environment in which it is located.

City councils


Government-owned management companies

Large companies specialising in management and infrastructure

MSW collection services

In short: all companies and institutions that generate significant volumes of waste or are responsible for managing it under each country’s laws.



Every day the world’s urban population grows by 180,000 people. The solid municipal waste produced by humans will increase by 70% by 2025, and the annual cost of managing it will jump from 205,000 million dollars today to 375,000 million dollars.


Recycling is an increasingly important economic factor, a variable that shapes the optimal growth and development of a society. Waste is a resource, and burying it in landfills means devaluing the economy and environment of a community, company, region, or country.


We developed Waste to Cash, a waste management model designed to turn a problem of space and pollution into a source of raw materials, energy and revenue. If you have waste, you have cash!




The current volume of waste that ends up in the landfill.

The number by which we multiply the profit ratio of a waste treatment plant.

The decrease in rejected material that can be achieved using the Waste to Cash method.

The percentage of waste treated as a resource, whether for raw materials, recyclables, fuel or other secondary uses.

The number of questions needed to cover all essential information for designing the best ‘Waste to Cash” waste treatment solution. They can be found on the app.

The adaptability of the treatment facilities we design for each client.


Waste to Cash is a Masias Recycling initiative that has analysed the strengths and weaknesses of current waste treatment processes with the aim of questioning some underlying assumptions.

The conclusion: yes, there are systems that could improve the efficiency of waste treatment processes. The aim is not just to minimise as far as possible the material rejected by a plant, thus slowing or reducing the level of our landfills.

There are also new ways of making that waste and its characteristics highly valuable by transforming it into an exploitable and beneficial resource, directly profiting the plant manager.


For more information about this management model, we can explain how you can reap profits and cash from ‘waste to cash’.

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